Pawnshop has been gigging around the Aurora, Illinois, area for the last 10 years. Our sound incorporates a highly danceable mix of R & B, Soul, Funk, Ska and Dance hits, and even a few slow songs so you can dance up real close.

We frequently add in new guest players, so this lineup is subject to change. Since we’ve been in the local music scene for decades, we’re proud to be friendly with some great and diverse local talent.

Lisa Green on lead voxLisa “Lucky” Green (lead vox)
Lisa fronts the band with a bouncy yet sultry energy, belting out everything from rock to soul. She is by far the shortest member of the band except for hair. Her influences include Gwen Stefani, Nina Simone, and Stevie Nicks, to name a few.

Jim Barsanti on tr

Jim “JB” Barsanti (trombone)
JB is an enigma. The driving force behind Pawnshop, he’s fluent in many different musical genres. His deep love for Reggae, Ska and Funk are evident in the Pawnshop setlist. He will play with anyone, anywhere, anytime, and loves jam nights. Founding member and section leader of the Pawnshop Horns, JB ALWAYS wants a solo! He splits his time between Pawnshop, Funktional Family, and Neil Diamond Phillips, (The First, Original World’s Greatest Neil Diamond Tribute Band). Influences? They are many and diverse; BossTonesMarleySublimePrinceJamesBrownChicagoMaynardFergusonStevieWonder-GratefulDeadSantanaSinatraVanMorrison. When he’s not playing, he can typically be found in search of the perfect “Dorado” style taco in the Fox Valley area with his Pawnshop Horn mates.

av_silkyChris “Silky” Galor (lead vox and trumpet)
Chris hails from lovely Sugar Grove, home of at least one golf course. He has 3 daughters, and he says “Although they don’t know it yet, they aspire to be trumpet players.” Influences: Maynard Ferguson, Dizzy Gillespie, Chicago, and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.

Jay Harrison on bari and tenor saxJay Harrison (baritone/tenor sax)
Jay’s been playing some sort of woodwind consistently since 1973, when Mike Fagan (conspiring with his Dad) started him on clarinet at North Aurora School. Two years in the upper register changed forever in 7th grade when he borrowed Dad’s tenor for Franklin’s jazz band… His intro to “rock bari” came courtesy of JB and Silky when early Pawnshop needed fat sounds… Proud member of the Aurora American Legion Band; performed with Funktional Family, HOSS, The 4 Tees, and the Banding Together collaborations for the A+ Foundation.

Hector Rivera on lead guitarHector Rivera (lead guitar)
Guitar player for 45 years, Pawnshop since 2005; Main Baptist Church gospel group 4 years; Hidden colors original world beat in the 90s; Juju Brothers, blues jazz in the 80s; late 70s: Mass Transit Rock. Early 70s: Peace Road; 2 years in Germany.


Ron Donovan on rhythm guitar and voxRon Donovan (vox and rhythm guitar)
Ron’s bio information to be added later



Alfonso Barsanti on bass and voxAlfonso Barsanti (vox and bass)
Alfonso Barsanti is a rising star in the suburban Chicago music scene. In addition to playing bass and singing in Pawnshop, he plays guitar and sings in Unhalfbanding, as well as playing bass, singing, and programming electronic beats in Oliver Kiss. He has been a musician since his teen years and is proficient on a plethora of instruments. Furthermore his funk levels are currently at an all time high. 

Jim Hurley (drums)
Jim is so mysterious we don’t even have a picture for him. The most huggable guy you ever met, he also lays down a greasy, dirty groove.  You’ll be forever changed.

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